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Treatment is not the only goal to achieve a healthy body. Taking care of it everyday is what ultimately leads to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is the act of practising healthy habits daily to attain better physical and mental health outcomes so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving.

To understand the significance of wellness, it’s important to understand how it’s linked to health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as being “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Dimension of Wellness
Importance of Wellness
The mere absence of disease does not indicate good health. There, widespread awareness and efforts for wellbeing are required.
The body is governed by natural intelligence, which runs many complex systems that are synchronized and coordinated for optimum functioning.
By following a wellness lifestyle, you can enjoy an active and holistically wholesome life.
About Dr. Rakhee's
Wellness Clinics

We are not just another clinic. We are a wheel of wellness composed multispecialty doctors with expertise in all dimensions of wellness such as Health, Nutrition, Parenting, and Lifestyle, to name just a few.

Mission – To provide better care of the sick, investigate, treat and prevent further problem and educate people.

Vision – To be the best Healthcare provider.

Values: 1 – Quality Care. 2 – Integrity. 3 – Empathy. 4 – Innovation. 5. Commitment to Principles.

About Dr. Rakhee's

Dr. Rakhee Desai, the visionary Founder of Dr. Rakhee’s Wellness Clinics and a lifestyle management expert, is widely acknowledged as the architect of modern Indian healthcare.

She is best described as a compassionate humanitarian, who has dedicated her life to bringing world-class healthcare within the economoci and geographic reach of millions..

She believes in understanding her clients’ health goals and guiding them to a path of efficient and genuine healthcare.

There is too much 'self-diagnosis'. I believe in guiding, inspiring, and providing clarity on a personalized level so clients can achieve their optimal health goals confidently. We beleiev Dr Rakhee's Wellness Clinics will be the health cultural centre for a holistic approach towards health.
Our Services
Primary Care Medical Services
Wellness/Preventive Care
Walk-In/Emergency Care
Chronic disease management services
Immunization screening and reporting services
Counseling services
Facilities for minor surgeries
Blood test facilities and services
Women's health services - Pap smears, clinical exams, breast examination, and counseling
doctor (1)
Home visits and nursing care
ECG facility
Screening, treatment, and future prevention of communicable diseases
Lifestyle Management Consultations
Preventive counseling, and educational services such as nutritional education, mental health screening, high-risk assessments, health maintenance, etc.
Referred specialty care - Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Cosmetology, Gynaecology, Pulmonology, Pediatric, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Lifestyle Management
Gene Technology
Our Programs & Workshops

Wellness Program: This program is crafted to solve obesity issues and help you manage your Diabetes and get rid of Hypertension.

ISHA (Integrated School Health Analysis): It is a complete and holistic healthcare program for school students.

BRICKS: This life skills workshops aims to enhance designed to enhance creative thinking, decision making, effective communcation, critical thinking, self-awareness, stress management, and interpersonal relationships.

Counselling Program: The goal is to make psychological wellness a reality for as many as possible through this program.

Parenting Matters: This program is designed to equip parents with the skills to ensure complete and prologned wellness of their children.

Multiple Intelligence Analysis: In this program, a fingertip test is conducted, and the results are analyzed to understand a person’s personality and potential. In addition to the tradional IQ test, this test is being relied on by a large number of educational insitutions to guage students.

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